Terms and Conditions


Included in Shoal Air’s charter quote are:

  1. Airport landing charges
  2. Waiting times (for pilot and aircraft) at remote airfields, as indicated (see below)
  3. Empty ferry legs and aircraft repositioning costs, if applicable
  4. Pilot accommodation and meal costs, if applicable

Shoal Air also offers the following complimentary services:

  1. Ground transfers in Kununurra, Broome and Kalumburu
  2. Local freight pickup and delivery.
  3. Dry goods, chiller and freezer storage at our Kununurra and Broome base.


Not included in any quotation are:

  1. Additional flight time, wait time, landings, and sundry costs due to changed customer requirements.
  2. Additional flight time or direct costs caused by delays or diversions due to adverse weather (see below).


Quotations are presented on the basis of aircraft availability at the time of booking.
From time to time an aircraft may need to be withdrawn from service if  routine maintenance is required.
We will discuss options with you if this was to happen to your quoted aircraft.


Shoal Air will provide every possible assistance to disabled passengers.  Please advise the type of assistance that would be required for disabled passengers when requesting a quote or making a booking.
Wheelchair access is available from Shoal Air’s terminal to the apron and wheelchairs may be carried in aircraft, provided that they are collapsible (please discuss with us if the wheelchair is battery-powered).


Infants are classified as under 3 years old, and may travel on their parent’s or guardian’s lap with a special seatbelt attachment.
Children are classified as 3 to 12 years of age inclusive and may share a seat if their combined weight does not exceed 77 kgs and provided the seat belt will accommodate two children.
All passengers 13 years of age and over must occupy a single seat.
(Please note that a fully occupied aircraft can carry only one additional infant or child in the seating configurations described above).


Chilled bottled water and mints are provided on all flights.
Passengers who are prone to travel sickness may wish to consider taking travel sickness medication prior to the flight.
Most aircraft are also fitted with full function (2 way communication) headsets for all passengers, significantly reducing cabin noise and enabling conversation amongst passengers and aircrew.


To ensure the safety of a flight, there are legal and practical limits to weight, volume, and the nature of goods that can be carried on company aircraft.
Shoal Air reserves the right to determine what may be carried on company aircraft, in accordance with these limitations.
Freight consignments will be accepted up to 48 hrs before the scheduled flight.
We encourage large consignments to be delivered at least 4 hrs prior to the scheduled departure.
It is a customer’s responsibility to ensure adequate packaging of all freight.
Shoal Air is not a “Common Carrier” and accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to goods carried, nor for any losses incurred should freight delivery be delayed.  It is the responsibility of the sender or receiver to ensure adequate insurance of all goods-in-transit or stored with Shoal Air.


Shoal Air is qualified, equipped and CASA approved to carry Dangerous Goods. More information can be found on our Freight Services page. Further information on dangerous goods is available from the CASA Dangerous Goods website.
If you have any queries about the nature of items in baggage or cargo, please discuss with us prior to flight.


There are legal and safety requirements regarding the operating weight of an aircraft.
For small aircraft it is essential that accurate weight information on all passengers and baggage is obtained. Therefore your pilot may request that all passengers and baggage are weighed prior to flight.


Travel during the wet season may be impacted by delays, diversions and/or postponements due to forecast or actual adverse weather at departure or destination airfields, or enroute.
While we will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience, all passengers should be aware of these possibilities.
Flight safety is paramount and your pilot will make the final decision about the commencement or continuation of a flight should the weather deteriorate.
All costs associated with any aborted flights, additional flight time, or meal or accommodation costs that are caused by adverse weather will be met by the customer.


Passengers are requested to be at the aircraft departure point 30 minutes prior to the nominated departure time to enable our aircrew to check the payload, finalise flight preparations and load the aircraft.
Please note that passengers may only be carried at night in multi engine aircraft and by appropriately qualified pilots.
Pilots will advise passengers of the latest time of departure from remote airfields.  Delays in departure may result in aborted flights and additional costs for accommodation etc.


Wait time of up to 2 hours (total) is complimentary and included in the Flight Cost. Additional wait time for aircraft & pilot on any day will be charged at:

  1. $240/ hr for Category A aircraft,
  2. $180/ hr for Category B aircraft, and
  3. $120/ hr for Category C and D aircraft.

Note: Wait time is calculated and invoiced on completion of the charter and is based on actual wait time on the ground at all destinations.


Night and adverse weather flights that must or can only be completed under the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) will incur an additional fee of $100 per sector


Unless otherwise agreed between the customer and Shoal Air, cancellation by a customer of a confirmed charter flight booking is subject to the following charges:

  1. Between 24 and 36 hours before departure time – 10%.
  2. Less than 24 hours before departure time – 25%.
  3. A “No Show” at Kununurra or Wyndham on the day of the booked flight – 50%.
  4. A “No Show” at a pick-up airfield to which we have flown – 100%.

All cancellations of less than 24 hrs notice must be made via direct telephone communication (person to person) with the Shoal Air Booking Office.