From the MD

If you are visiting our website then it is very likely you are contemplating travel by air through the Kimberley. There are many questions to be asked and possibilities to be explored. I sincerely hope you find answers and solutions as you read on.

Air Services have been the keystone of development and progress in the Kimberley for many years.

In my 35 years of living, working and flying in the Kimberley I have observed the aviation sector mature into a capable and professional industry with a safety focus and record that is second to none.

I am immensely proud of Shoal Air’s very significant contribution to this evolution, and to now offer our clients the most diverse and mission capable fleet of aircraft, crewed by professional pilots of the highest calibre.

Our core business is corporate and community air charter … an essential service to those living and working in the Kimberley. On any given day we may be tasked with such diverse missions as:

  1. Conveying a patient to town for a specialist appointment.
  2. An electrician to repair a broken generator on a remote Station.
  3. A school basketball team attending a regional carnival.
  4. An offshore search for an overdue vessel.
  5. A crew change at a distant minesite.
  6. Survey of cattle or infrastructure on a remote property.
  7. Delivery of urgent equipment, parts, medicines, and supplies.

Our company and our team of aviation professionals take great pride and pleasure in being intimately woven in to the daily fabric of Kimberley life.

Within our community we aim to be an exemplary corporate citizen, aim to “buy local” at every opportunity, and support all manner of local initiatives and community projects.

All air service providers claim to be safe, and a few may even claim to be the safest. Truth is that we are all pretty much at the same level and aiming for the same goals. Perhaps the only comparison worth making is that flying in the outback is way safer than driving!

We hope you choose Shoal Air because we offer a superior service and value. I know that we try very very hard to do just that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Irvine
Owner and Managing Director