Shoal Air considers safety as the most critical factor in the provision of services to its customers, and in its relationship with employees and third parties, suppliers and contractors.

Shoal Air has a robust Safety Management System with policies and procedures to actively manage hazards and promote safety in all operations and activities.

Our Safety Policy embraces the following key principles:

  • Safety is a fundamental management priority and responsibility.
  • Safety and the management of risk is part of everyday activity.
  • We support a culture where all employees, contractors, clients/passengers and third parties feel free to report hazards and safety breaches.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility where personal behaviour and attitudes are essential to the achievement of our safety outcomes.
  • Accordingly, we seek the Involvement and empowerment of all staff in development of solutions that reduce or eliminate unsafe conditions and practices.
  • We will openly and fairly investigate all reported safety hazards and breaches to determine root causes and necessary corrective actions.
  • We are prepared to adopt any and all changes as might be required to enhance safety.
  • We value open and honest communication on all safety matters.

Shoal Air’s primary and most important aim is to be a safe airline.