Twin Engine

Piper PA31 “Chieftain” and “Navajo” Aircraft

Our flagship Piper PA31 twin engine aircraft are capable of all weather and night operations.  With a spacious cabin and center aisle, and rear air-stair doors, the PA31 is certainly the most comfortable aircraft and is akin to a mini-airliner.

Variations in our PA31 fleet include long range fuel tanks, air-conditioning, and the very latest in avionics and instrumentation.

  • Speed: 335 km/hr (180 kts)
  • Seats: 7 passengers
  • Range: 585 – 820 nm

Cessna 310 Aircraft

The Cessna 310 is a high performance twin engine aircraft capable of all weather and night operations.  A comfortable cabin and seating is complemented with large nose and wing lockers for storing baggage.

  • Speed: 315 km/hr (170 kts)
  • Seats: 5 passengers
  • Range: 745 nm