Operational Bases

Our major fleet base, maintenance and administration services are located in Kununurra, the northern gateway to the Kimberley.  From Kununurra most common destinations can be reached in just 1 and 2 hours flying time.

In every direction we fly over some of the most unique and spectacular landscapes to grace our continent. Every journey is an experience!

Kununurra is also serviced daily by jets from Perth, Broome and Darwin, and is a convenient hub for travel through the entire Kimberley region, and across the border into the Victoria River Region of the Northern Territory. Our hospitality is legendary, with accommodation venues to suit every expectation and budget, and dining options to match.

Shoal Air also operates seasonally and permanently from a number of remote bases, subject to demand and client needs.  We have extraordinary capabilities in support of remote base operations, including satellite communications and fleet tracking, bulk fuel assets, maintenance support, and exceptional aircrew meticulously trained, supervised and supported.