Our Team

Our team of aviation professionals take great pride and pleasure in delivering air services which can stand alongside the very best in Australia.

We (the people of Shoal Air) are motivated by 3 core principles:


  • We aim to excel in customer service and exceed client expectations with every request and mission.
  • We fully understand the logistical challenges and high costs of living and working in remote regions.
  • We are there to assist our clients with the most cost effective solutions for passenger and freight movement across the Kimberley, however large or small.
  • We are proud to offer 24/7 flight options and all-weather capabilities.


  • Your safety is our No1 priority.
  • Our safety culture and systems are embedded across all aspects of our business.
  • Our aircraft are meticulously maintained and our aircrew are trained and assessed to the highest industry standards.
  • Our customers are welcomed collaborators in maintaining the highest safety standards.


  • We are here for the long haul, and aim to be an ethical and reliable service provider.
  • We engage with our community at every level and opportunity.
  • We seek a fair return on investment and effort, without compromise to service and safety.
  • We aim to grow our business and bring credit to our region and our people.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation and our region.
  • The wilderness values of the Kimberley region are vigorously supported by our environmental initiatives.


Talk to us soon about your air charter needs and we are confident that you will appreciate our refreshing and helpful assistance.